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Are you struggling with pain, recovery from surgery, mobility or exercise challenges?

I am a physiotherapist trained in Finland and here on Costa del Sol to help and serve you. My office is located in the premises of Clinica Sandalf in Benalmadena with good transport links. If necessary, the international orthopedic services of Clinica Sandalf are at your disposal.


Physiotherapy is about removing pain and promoting movement, functional ability and health. The aim of physiotherapy is to optimize the body's function in such a way that healthy movement, the smooth running of everyday life and participation in activities that are meaningful to you are possible. Physiotherapy offers both preventive and rehabilitative services, individually and in group format, either at reception, as home rehabilitation or remote rehabilitation. Physiotherapy methods include health and functional ability-promoting guidance and counseling, therapeutic exercise, manual and physical therapy, and assistive device services.

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