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Oona Nikkanen


Hey! I'm Fysioona.

One of the best experts in the field, who produces and offers physiotherapy services. Physiotherapy offered by me solves functional problems in the body, challenges of movement, exercise and rehabilitation, as well as pain conditions in the body. In fact, most of my clients report that their pain has been alleviated within the first few weeks after starting physiotherapy.


It was 2016 when I worked as an dental hygienist. After the workday, wrists again  aches and pains in the neck and back due to the stressful work and working positions. I said out loud that I wanted to do something else for my job. The next day, a call to the career counselor and I got an appointment for the following week. As a result of the visit, one profession emerged - physiotherapist.

The only problem was that I didn't know what a physiotherapist does and what physiotherapy is. I googled and found out. Very soon I got the feeling that physiotherapy is what I want to do and what I will be good at. That week I resigned from my job and participated in the ongoing selection exams. I got in to school.


Even before I graduated from school, I knew that I didn't want to stay in Finland but move to the Costa del Sol in Spain, and that's what I did. My first physiotherapy client visit was uncertain and I carried the process forward with a notepad as support, but I had found my professional destiny. I was the first Finnish physiotherapist in Benalmadena, so there was a need for a professional physiotherapist in the area. I left the work of a dental hygienist to others and focused on developing into an expert on the human body, movement and movement. The dedication paid off. After annual trainings, numerous self-study lessons, analysis of customer feedback and my work experience, I dare to say that I can offer every customer a relaxed and safe environment where they can receive individual, customer-oriented and high-quality physiotherapy. 


Pain and disturbances in bodily functions are major obstacles to well-being. Too little exercise, repetitive and monotonous work positions, injuries and accidents, surgeries, and functional problems of the body due to overexertion or wrong postures usually cause challenges and disrupt the smoothness of everyday life. The mood drops and you don't feel like meeting other people, which is reflected in the individual's well-being. Or in this case, as a lack of well-being.


Customers are more well-being when there is no pain and the body functions optimally. Well-being people, on the other hand, perceive themselves to be healthier, happier, more satisfied, more social, and perform better in their everyday life and work. Well-being thus became the guiding value and goal of my company. The reason I do this job.


Well-being is not only the end result I aim for in services. It is the basis of Fysioona's entire work culture, which makes it quite a unique place to work. I founded Fysioona in Spain with a clear purpose: To promote people's well-being and thereby improve the quality of life.

Well-being must be permanent, because it is the resource of our everyday life. You have to be well yourself so that the people around you can be well. In my opinion, well-being belongs to everyone.  


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Pilates-based physiotherapy rehabilitation

Movement and movement control disorders of the upper limb & the fascia

Movement and movement control disorders of the lower limb & the fascia

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Dental hygienist

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