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Does your legs feel heavy or swollen, or do you long for something after sports performance boost for recovery? C
ompression boots work like lymph drainage. ​
Compressed air flows in the compression boots, the cells of the legs are filled from the bottom up, thus stimulating blood circulation and lymphatic absorption. The result is an immediate faster metabolism and enhanced muscle recovery. With the help of the leggings, you can quickly heal ailments caused by, for example, traveling or standing on your feet for a long time, such as leg swelling and fatigue.
Compression boots can also be used to speed up the recovery from stress caused by sports. Compression speeds up the body's fluid circulation and the removal of waste products, which contributes to the reduction of swelling. When the circulation of fluids returns to the correct, natural level, waste materials are removed from the body efficiently and
 circulatory system can transport new oxygenated blood to the cells.



REDUCE swelling and muscle pain

IMPROVE blood circulation and range of movement
SPEED UP metabolism and recovery
RELIEVE muscle fatigue and stiffness

The legs are suitable for all ages and quickly bring benefits to recovery, swelling and fatigue. I especially recommend the treatment for recovering from sports performance or leg training, for those who suffer from restless legs and for those who work standing.


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