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Do you need help with general relaxation, pain relief or muscle care? Massage invigorates the metabolism, relaxing, reducing pain and maintaining the muscles. It makes you feel good, reduces stress and prevents various work and sports-related ailments, as well as effectively treats stress conditions that have already arisen. Massage is a traditional form of soft tissue treatment, which is suitable for people of all ages. The treatment can be done on a larger area or focused on a specific area according to the customer's wishes and needs.

Are you pregnant or have just given birth and would like to make an appointment for a massage, but lying on your back or lying on your stomach doesn't feel comfortable? Pregnancy massage is a form of massage intended for pregnant and postpartum mothers. The massage takes into account the changes to the body brought by pregnancy and the stage of pregnancy. During pregnancy, many kinds of physical changes take place in the body, and the body is subjected to a new kind of strain due to weight gain and changes in position. The goal of the massage is to relax the tense states of the body and remove swelling and pain.

Do the muscles in the facial area feel tired or do you suffer from neck and shoulder aches and headaches repeatedly? Massaging the masticatory muscles relaxes the muscles of the face and head area, which can become tense as a result of, for example, a malocclusion or teeth grinding, causing pain, discomfort and even migraine attacks. In the massage of the biting muscles, the area of the mouth, face and head, as well as the neck and neck-shoulder area are treated with the aim of easing muscle tension.


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