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Has your physical condition decreased and with it also your mental mood is down, your performance has decreased and you have difficulties coping at work?
When starting gym training, it is good to take a professional as a guide and make an appointment guidance and program preparation. The physiotherapist's gym guidance is taken into account the load brought by the client's work and other everyday life and symptoms of the musculoskeletal system. Under the guidance of a physiotherapist, you can safely get to know the world of gym training and develop muscle strength in a way that suits your goals. Gym training is always prepared based on personal goal level, and guidance meetings are personal or arranged with the couple.

Regular and progressive gym training improves health and reduces or eliminates musculoskeletal symptoms. Gym training guided by a physiotherapist supports healthy exercise, helps in starting gym training and ensures that the fitness person knows how to exercise with gym equipment safely. Strength training has been scientifically proven to strengthen the muscles and bones, as well as to reduce the amount of fat tissue in the body, so it can be considered the most effective form of body-shaping exercise.


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