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Physiotherapy is the removal of pain and the promotion of movement, mobility, function and work ability through various means and methods.

Do you have a problem with the musculoskeletal system and need help finding the underlying causes of the problems and alleviating the pain? Musculoskeletal disorders are most often caused when the supporting structures of the body are stressed too much, too little, unilaterally or incorrectly. Pain, soreness, numbness, weakness, tension or other symptoms can take unnecessary energy away from work and the rest of life and limit what you can do - alleviation, relief and prevention of symptoms is possible with the help of physiotherapy.

Do the muscles in the mouth, face and jaw area feel sore and tired? Do you have
jaw joint problems, for example restricted mouth opening, or constant headaches?
The biting system consists of the jaw joints, jawbones, teeth, masticatory muscles and the whole formed by the lips, tongue and cheeks. Problems, malfunctions and pain conditions related to the masticatory system are very common and can be treated with masticatory physiotherapy.

Are you going to have surgery and need guidance and information on safe movement and moving a limb? The aim of pre-operative physiotherapy is to maintain joint mobility and muscle strength so that recovery after surgery is smooth. Post-operative physiotherapy significantly speeds up post-operative rehabilitation. The goal of surgery-related physiotherapy is safe movement and restoration of good functional ability.

Has a neurological disease or injury caused functional limitations or impairment and you need support for independent survival and well-being both in everyday life and in the various transitional stages of life? Neurological physiotherapy aims to help and support the maintenance of the ability to function and move, as well as to survive in everyday life. Neurological diseases and injuries can cause a wide variety of symptoms, such as muscle weakness or excessive stiffness, which can be alleviated with physiotherapy.

Has pregnancy or childbirth caused musculoskeletal symptoms or body function disorders? Do you need help to prevent or rehabilitate ailments that appear during pregnancy and after childbirth? Physiotherapy is useful during pregnancy and after childbirth, and you should come to the office when you have questions, pain or uncertainty about, for example, movement, or you need advice on rehabilitating a torn abdominal muscle. The aim of physiotherapy is to promote the well-being and health of the mother and, through this, also of the baby.

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