About me

Physiotherapist Oona Nikkanen

I am a determined woman from South Karelia, Finland. I'm trained as a physical therapist in Finland and a licensed as a professional in Finland (Valvira) and in Spain. Currently I work in Benalmadena, on Costa del sol, Spain.

Since childhood, sports have always been a big part of my life. I have been doing athletics, cross skiing, dancing and fitness boxing. However, those sports has past and now in adulthood the emphasis is on gym training and I also love doing different outdoor activities while enjoying Spain's great climate and diverse environment. I am also trained as a dental hygienist, but after a few years of work I found myself longing more active and sportive work. Helping people as well as health, sport and well-being have always been important to me, so physiotherapy is what I want to do.

I am very enthusiastic and resolute physiotherapist and I want to apply my skills constantly. I am skilled at developing individualized treatment plans that take into account the client´s needs, resources and preferences. Treatment plans and goals must be realistic and meaningful to implement, in order to maintain training motivation and bring about lasting changes in performance and well-being. My strongest areas are in rehabilitation, health promotion and safe exercise. I want to invest in the quality of movement, moving and training. Even exercising has always set the goal, together we can make the training varied and fun.