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Physiotherapy in Benalmadena, Costa Del Sol, Spain

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Physiotherapy is about assessing, promoting and rehabilitating an individual's health, mobility, disability and functional disability. The main goal of physiotherapy is to maintain and promote functional capacity and to prevent functional threats.

An individual's ability to move and function may be impaired as a result of an injury, accident, illness, or aging. Physiotherapy is always client-oriented, taking into account the needs of the individual.

Physiotherapy methods include guidance and counseling to promote health and function, exercise therapy, manual and physical therapy, and assessment of the need for aids and guidance on their use.


  • geriatric physiotherapy

  • neurological physiotherapy

  • muskuloskeletal physiotherapy

  • pre- and post-operative physiotherapy

  • gym training and exercise programs

  • massage therapy

  • kinesio taping


First meeting

The first meeting evaluates the customer's mobility and performance through observations and a comprehensive initial interview. Various measurements and tests are often carried out to support the interview. Based on tests and measurements, a personalized physiotherapy plan is developed for the client to achieve their goals.

Doing together

A physiotherapy plan is always drawn up in agreement with the client to support the client's own active and therapeutic responsibilities. The follow-up visits include therapeutic exercises with the client and manual therapy as needed. The client always receives written instructions from the exercises. The therapy takes into account the client's resources and interests, so that the practice can be meaningful and comfortable to work together.

Achieving targets

Achieving targets may not always be accomplished with one or two physiotherapy visits, but requires longer training to achieve lasting changes in performance. The role of a physiotherapist is to support, motivate, evaluate and guide the client's practice, but to achieve the goals the client's job is to do the most work.


I'm trained as a physiothreapist in Finland, and licensed as professional in Finland (Valvira) and also in Spain. I work as a physiotherapist on Costa del sol in Benalmadena, in Spain. As an expert in rehabilitation, physiotherapy aims to help the rehabilitator to cope independently and promote physical, mental and social functioning in a variety of life situations where the client's ability and ability to survive is for some reason impaired.


Mainly I work in Benalmadena on Clinica Sandalf where I receive individual therapy. Group therapy (up to 8 people) can be carried out in the gym environment and outdoors, for example in the form of fitness training or sport according to your wishes. Physiotherapy can also be provided virtually, and services can be provided in a familiar environment, for example at the client's home.